The Alouette River Management Society is a small grass-roots group working actively to protect the environment and educate our citizens about the importance of the Alouette Watershed. We can only do this with long-term sustainable funding to staff and build our capacity. While project grants are great, they very often do not provide for staff wages, administrative costs and running the  organization all of which are essential to do the work we do. Six levels of sponsorship are available. Please consider supporting local environmental initiatives by sponsoring the Alouette River Management Society.

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Be an Event Sponsor: Choose from an ARMS event such as the Father’s Day Fish Release, Annual ALLCO Fish Hatchery Tour or the OWLES (owls, wildlife and endangered species) Community Workshop ($500/event)
Sponsor Projects: Annual projects include Alouette River Butterfly Gardens and Pollinators, Overwintering Coho Fry Habitat Monitoring, Interpretive Signage and Fish Passage Advocacy ($1000/project).
Sponsor Education Programming: Spring break and Summer Eco-Camps for kids ($1000/camp). In-class workshops as well as on location tours ($250/workshop).
Support Operations: Sponsorships are needed for the essential operations of the Rivers Heritage Center, ARMS headquarters, community space and interpretative centre.

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