Booking availability for Winter & Spring 2023 are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. All classroom programs are 1 hour in length. While the targeted audiences for these programs are kindergarten to grade 7, we are likely able to cater the program towards any age group. Please reach out if you are interested in having us teach your older learners!

Did you know you can book an ARMS education program in any school district! That’s right! We will come to your classroom anywhere in the Lower Mainland. *Travel charges may apply.

Winter & Spring Workshops

Forest Explorers: K- gr 7               $90

Learn about native plants and invasive species and discover what tracks and scat can teach us about the creatures who leave them behind! Understand the importance of wildlife trees and nursery logs in our ecosystem. Participate in an impression activity to learn how to identify tracks of animals here in the Alouette Watershed, while learning everything and more about our forests.

Night Creatures: K- gr 7               $90

Uncover the mysteries of nocturnal creatures wandering the night. Discover how these animals use their adaptations and tools to thrive in the dark. Observe a preserved Western Screech Owl and various bat bones encased in resin to determine what makes these creatures so unique. Engage in a food web activity to understand how all these creatures are connected.

Buzzing With Bees: K- gr 2               $90 *Spring only

Discover the importance of pollinators through the life cycle of native bees and learn bee identification. Understand issues impacting bees and how you can help. View our observation beehive with live honeybees!

Butterfly Beauties: K- gr 2               $90*Spring only

Uncover the importance of pollinators through the life cycle of a butterfly. Learn how to identify a variety of native butterfly species. Complete a craft to support pollinators with our instructor and raise a class set of Painted Lady caterpillars!

Wild water cycle: K – Gr 7                 $90

Learn about the water cycle and how water moves through lakes, rivers, and creeks in the Alouette watershed. Analyze the effects of pollution on waterways through use of an EnviroScape. Learn what storm drain markings mean and discover new ways that you can help protect the local watershed.

Wildlife Habitat building: K – Gr 7             $60 + $11/kit

Build a bird feeder from reclaimed cedar. This hands-on workshop includes a short presentation on the wildlife species that will use these feeders, as well as step-by-step building instructions from our educator. The completed product can be taken home by students or placed in suitable habitats around the school yard. All building equipment is provided.

Please email for booking enquiries.


Our Classroom Programs

Classroom Programs
November 14, 2019

Fantastic Frogs

Explore the difference between frogs, toads, salamanders and newts. Understand metamorphosis and the amphibian life cycle. Learn about frog anatomy through a model dissection! Hear the variety of frog calls…
EducationClassroom Programs
November 18, 2019

It’s a Bug’s Life

A Bugs Life (Spring only) Learn the importance of pollinators! Compare the lifecycle of a bee and a butterfly. View our live honeybee hive. Subject to availability, includes caterpillars for…
Classroom Programs
November 14, 2019

Night Creatures

Learn about the mysterious nocturnal creatures wandering the night. Dissect an owl pellet and reconstruct its skeleton. Observe the features of a real bat encased in resin. How do these…
Classroom Programs
November 15, 2019

Stream Health

Our streams and rivers are home to dozens of species of aquatic insects. ARMS will collect the critters and bring them to your classroom where students will actively identify and…
Classroom Programs
November 18, 2019

Salmon Scales and Tales

Learn about a keystone species and how salmon fit into this complex Pacific ecosystem. Watch the salmon transition through a life cycle story. The types of Pacific Salmon and their life…
Classroom Programs
November 14, 2019

Building Wildlife Habitats

Build bird nest boxes, bird feeders, bat boxes, mason bee homes and many more with kits that are easy to assemble.  Workshop includes a short presentation on corresponding wildlife species…
Classroom Programs
November 18, 2019

Forest Explorers

Identify native & invasive plant species. Understand the importance of wildlife trees and nursery logs in our ecosystem. Learn a variety of native animal tracks through an impression activity. Duration:…
Classroom Programs
November 14, 2019

Fun with Fungi

There is so much to learn about mushrooms and other fungi from how they reproduce to the varieties we find on the West Coast and the story book ‘fly agaric’.…