Save Our Salmon

Save Our Salmon campaign update: We are happy to share the amazing news that on December 2, 2021, the developer withdrew their appeal case. This was due to the extreme weather events from mid-November to early December, causing landslide events on the proposed property and high water level from flooding.

The Alouette River, which flows from Golden Ears Provincial Park to the Pitt River, before joining the Fraser, is a unique and irreplaceable ecosystem, with a history that goes back millennia. Home to Katzie and Kwantlen First Nations since time immemorial, the Alouette is the only BC Heritage River that is solely within the Lower Mainland.

The river provides critical salmon habitat and provides spawning for all five species of Pacific Salmon. Annual salmon returns can exceed 300,000 fish. And yet, this unique watershed, and the fish and wildlife it supports, is threatened as never before. In the last few years there have been proposals to fill and develop large sections of the South Alouette floodplain, contrary to the Official Community Plan and threatening the very survival of the ecosystem and the species that make it their home. If they proceed, it will lead to development all along the south bank of the Alouette, with subdivisions and building on the floodplain alongside irreplaceable habitat.

The river is under tremendous pressure already, from thousands of recreational users, visitors, and population increases. Now the remaining, relatively undeveloped, parts of the riverbank are under attack and could be lost forever. Therefore, we launched our unprecedented Save Our Salmon campaign to protect the Alouette. There are lots of ways to protect the river, all of which are expensive, so we always need to raise funds to save the river for future generations. We are all guardians of the Alouette, it’s time to stop its destruction.

For more information regarding the protection and conservation of the salmon and Alouette River:
Contact: Sophie Sparrow
Communications & Engagement Manager
Alouette River Management Society
Phone:  604 467 6401