Alouette Sockeye Adult Enumeration Monitor (Bridging Project for 2015)

Since 2008, the Alouette River Management Society and the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre have administered the Alouette Sockeye Adult Enumeration Monitoring Program (ALUMON#4) under BC Hydro’s Alouette Water Use Plan (AWUP).  The plan included a seven year monitoring component trapping, enumerating, and obtaining tissue samples from returning adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka).  When funding under the AWUP ended in 2014, ARMS applied to BC Hydro’s Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) for a bridging year of funds for 2015 and was successful in its application.   The FWCP approved project funding to the amount of $16,354.


With this bridging fund, ARMS was able to complete another year of sampling returning adult sockeye spawners, extremely valuable information to build on the dataset that was started in 2008.  This information and the work of the Alouette River Sockeye Reanadromization Project committee, is building towards a business case to present to BC Hydro’s Board of Directors to get fish passage over the dam for sockeye salmon and other species that have been excluded from their traditional spawning grounds in the upper Alouette Watershed since 1929.  Sockeye salmon were extirpated from the Alouette system for close to eighty years when in 2005, with an accidental release of water through the Alouette spillway, some resident kokanee swam out and two years later came back as sockeye salmon.

First Sockeye return in 80 years -2007

The Allco Fish Hatchery is located approximately 5.5 kilometres (km) south of the Alouette Dam and associated reservoir (otherwise known as Alouette Lake) in Maple Ridge, British Columbia and has operated since 1979 under the direction of BC Corrections with authorization and guidance from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

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