Greta Borick-Cunningham
(Executive Director)
Greta started at ARMS as acting Executive Director in March 2012 and then went to be the Executive Director in 2013.  Greta has a passionate love of the environment including water conservation issues, protection and enhancement of salmon species, and raising public awareness around threats to our native BC ecosystems.  Greta’s background includes a Masters in Education, a Diploma in Sustainable Resource Management, and 20 years of experience in management and administration.  Greta has lived and worked around the world in Japan, Canada, and Australia.  In Greta’s downtime, you’ll find her pottering around in her veggie garden, volunteering for a local watershed group in Vancouver, and learning how to get more art in her life.

Sophie Sparrow
(Environmental Projects & Communications)
Sophie has worked at ARMS since March 2015 and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and the Environment from the University of the Fraser Valley. She concentrated in Environmental Science and minored in Communications as well as completed a Professional Communication Essentials Certificate. Over the course of her degree she developed a passion for water and the processes occurring in a watershed that affect a rivers water geochemistry. Sophie was a part of a global project called the “Global Rivers Observatory”, based out of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, where a team of researchers collect water samples from different locations around the world. She completed a practicum in her last year of university at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution looking at the seasonal variation of Nathan Slough’s Water Geochemistry in British Columbia. She spends all her spare time outside exploring new adventures and enjoys fishing, hiking and camping.

Marissa Waddell
(Watershed Projects Manager)

Marissa is just finished up her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Victoria with a concentration in marine biology. Throughout her time studying in Victoria, her love for the natural world has only continued to grow. In the 20 years that have passed since the first time she went fishing at four years old, one thing has stayed the same for Marissa: she loves fish. With a passion to inspire conservation in the community, she is excited to be joining ARMS as the Environmental Education Coordinator. When Marissa isn’t busy teaching people quite possibly more than they ever wanted to know about fish, you can find her out and about exploring local trails and hiking with her dog.

Dan Mikolay
(Eco-Camp Supervisor)Dan has been working as the Eco-Camp Supervisor for ARMS since 2017. Dan also works as the WildsafeBC Coordinator for Maple Ridge and is the Environmental Educator for Ridge Meadows Recycling Society. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Ohio University (cum laude) with extensive experience in children’s theater.  “Dan the Eco-Camp Man”, “Dan the Recycling Man” or “Dan the Bear Man” adds fun and engaging interactions to all of his workshops.

(Wellness Officer)

Oakley is responsible for making people smile, sleeping in the office, fetching the ball, and eating treats. She loves to go in the field to explore nature, bird watch and sniff new scents. Oakley’s goal is to find the perfect stick to chew.