Replace • Rebuild • Restore

The Geoff Clayton Rivers Heritage Centre has been the home of The Alouette River Management Society for over 24 years.

Over that time, it has been the gathering place for thousands of students in our summer education programs, thousands of visitors to our hatchery, our annual River’s Day celebrations and countless other events. It’s also the home of our dedicated hard-working team of staff, volunteers and directors, and provides access to our hatchery.

Sadly, like everything, as our centre becomes older it’s in need of some urgently needed updates and repairs.

Our bathrooms need renovating, our heating system is outdated, we have no air conditioning for those increasingly hot summers and most of all, our roof needs a complete rebuild. Altogether the price tag for these essential upgrades and repairs exceeds $100,000.

As a small, non-profit charitable organization raising sums like that in a short timeframe represents a huge challenge for ARMS. And that’s why we are asking for your help.

We are reaching out to see who can offer materials, expertise, or most importantly, cash donations to help us reach our goal. It is only once these critical repairs are made that we can ensure our Rivers Heritage Centre provides a secure, comfortable and safe environment for decades to come.

Of course, like all donations to ARMS, contributions over $25 are tax deductible. Donations made before December 31, can be deducted on this year’s tax return.

Our Heritage Campaign Letter

How you can help:


  • Donate through the donate today button, e-transfer to arms@alouetteriver.org or send a cheque. Rebuild costs are expensive, and we need to quickly raise $100,000 to ensure a safe space for everyone who uses the centre.


  • Help us get more people on board to save the house of ARMS! Tell family and friends and share on your social media!


  • Think of a fun way to raise funds at your school, local sports team, or neighbourhood and donate the funds to Our Heritage Campaign.

For more information:
Contact: Sophie Sparrow
Communications & Engagement Manager
Alouette River Management Society
Phone:  604 467 6401
Email:  communications@alouetteriver.org

E-transfer your donation amount to arms@alouetteriver.org with a message ‘Our Heritage Campaign’