Join us for the first Watercourse Warrior Challenge! The Alouette River Management Society and UBC’s Wild & Immersive are partnering up for a special celebration of Family Day and the Alouette Watershed! The Watercourse Warrior Challenge is a fundraiser to help families in need that have been impacted from the Flooding Events in late 2021. All proceeds will be donated to communities that require this support through organizations that help provide the most to these impacted families.

The Watercourse Warrior Challenge is a virtual distance challenge where you can walk, run, bike, hike, ride, paddle, or wheel any or all the challenges we are offering. You will also have access to extra materials to learn about species and ecosystems of the local area and complete additional challenges that focus on the Alouette River and Watershed. This virtual event starts February 21st, 2022 (Family Day) and runs for a month, until March 21st, 2022.

Register as an individual, as a family/group, or as a business for any of our four challenge distances that feature watercourses in the Alouette Watershed and species that use them:

  • Small Fry: Our Fry distance is 4km and open for our younger participants (10 and under). This is a historical reference to the length of the South Alouette River.
  • Rainbow Trout: The Trout distance covers 21km, the same length as the North Alouette River.
  • Sockeye Salmon: The Sockeye distance is 85km and covers the combined distance of the North and South Alouette Rivers and the Alouette Reservoir.
  • Centenary Distance: Do all 3 distance challenges! 110km to complete the Small Fry, Rainbow Trout, and Sockeye Salmon!

While you are out exploring the Alouette Watershed, we have provided materials so you can also learn more about the ecological environment. From native vegetation species to birds and mammals to scat and tracks and fun facts! We will be hosting an iNaturalist Challenge that will run for the duration of this event. iNatrualist is an identification program where you upload (or take) an image, and it will classify the species in the image. This helps to identify a species and where its current occupancy range is. This helps to learn about local species in the area as well as provide vital information to researchers and organizations of rare and endangered species!

While our focus is on the Alouette Watershed, we encourage anyone and everyone to participate in this event! If you live on another watercourse system or want to explore a new one, no problem, all time exploring and tracking your distance counts! And we would love you to share your explorations with us!


Event Information

Date: February 21 – March 21, 2022

Location: Virtual! Log your activity anywhere around the globe!

Registration Fees and Categories:

Small Fry (4km, for our younger participants)- $10 individuals / $15 groups/families

Rainbow Trout (25km)- $15 individuals / $20 groups/families

Sockeye Salmon (85km)- $20 individuals / $25 groups/families

Centenary Course (110km) – $40 individuals / $50 groups/families

Corporate – $100 for any category

To Register:

Any questions or concerns, please email


ARMS acknowledges that the focus area of this challenge is on the tradition, unceded territory of the Katzie Nation.

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