Loretta Jackson is our resident beekeeper at the Alouette River Management Society! She cares for our two bee hives throughout the year and ensures our bees are both healthy & happy!

From late spring to early fall, Loretta hosts free beekeeping workshops at the Rivers Heritage Centre on Saturday mornings and teaches a variety of lessons to attendees. Activities at the workshops include:

  • Opening the hives and viewing the bees
  • Extracting & spinning fresh honey
  • Planting bee-friendly flora
  • Learning about hive maintenance

Loretta is both a friend to ARMS and to bees alike! She also looks after her own hives at home, whose bees produce very delicious honey (trust us, we’ve tried it!) We are fortunate to have Loretta’s expertise and enthusiasm as we engage with the public and encourage an interest in bees across the City!

Check out Loretta’s most recent blog posts below!

The Pollinators Program is funded by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. Thank you, TDFEF for supporting bee education and community engagement! 


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