Senior Watershed Education Tour

This is a unique all day field trip for grades 3-7. Students learn hands on about the watershed, salmon life cycle, pollution, aquatic life, forest and stream ecology. Students participate in a watershed discussion, enviroscape presentation, a fish hatchery tour, a forest nature walk and an aquatic insect study (spring) or a salmon dissection (fall).  Bring a bag lunch and a snack.


To provide a unique destination field trip for elementary school students to the Rivers Heritage Centre and the Allco Fish Hatchery. The primary objective is to increase the level of public awareness and stewardship in the Alouette Watershed and Maple Ridge area. It is ARMS goal to educate and empower the students to take ownership and responsibility of the watershed and all the environment they directly impact.

Environmental Concepts

  1. Watersheds
    • What is a watershed?
    • Natural vs. Developed watershed.
    • Stream Habitat components and functions.
    • Effects of urbanization.
  2. The Salmonid Life Cycle
    • Salmon Life Cycle
    • Hatchery vs. Wild Survival.
    • Allco Hatchery tour.
  3. Aquatic Life
    • What do fish eat?
    • Biodiversity in Aquatic Life.
    • Life Cycle of aquatic insects.
    • Aquatic insects as indicators of stream health.
  4. Forest & Stream Ecology
    • Native plant identification.
    • Riparian Areas.
    • Wildlife Trees, Nursery Logs and Large Woody Debris.

Duration: 5 hours
Ages: Grades 3 – 7
Location: Rivers Heritage Center, ALLCO Fish Hatchery and ALLCO Park
Cost: $290  (prices based on max. of 30 students)
Availability: Fall and Spring

Fall 2023 workshop booking form


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