Allco Fish Hatchery Tours

By November 18, 2019Field Trips

This tour includes an introduction to the salmon life cycle, a tour of the Allco Fish Hatchery and view our rainbow trout during a feeding frenzy. In the Fall students will have to opportunity to watch a Chum Salmon egg take and fertilization process as well as watch an adult salmon dissection to learn about the anatomy of the fish. In the Spring students will gain insight about hatchery operations and how baby salmon are reared in both troughs and ponds, they will each be given a fry, in a cup of water, to release into the South Alouette River on site.

Duration: 1 – 2 hours (depending on season and activities included)
Ages: Grades Pre K – 7
Location: Rivers Heritage Center and Allco Fish Hatchery
Cost: $45 for up to 15 students or $90 for up to 30 students
Availability: Fall and Spring


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