Booking availability for Fall 2022 are Mondays and Fridays only. Field trip rates are based on a standard class size. For any questions regarding group sizes or pricing, please contact our Environmental Education Coordinator at

Junior Watershed Education Tour  – 2 hours 

Join us in ALLCO Park to discover the salmon lifecycle and visit the river that sees salmon returning each year. Learn about the diversity of organisms here in the watershed and discover what tracks and scat can teach us about the creatures who leave them behind. End the morning in the park with a forest tour to observe the importance of wildlife trees and nursery logs in our ecosystem. 

Cost: $145 

K – Gr 2

Intermediate Watershed Education Tour – 5 hours

Discover the importance of keystone species and the interconnectedness of the watershed through learning about Pacific salmon and the species that rely on them. Determine how the diet of a salmon changes throughout their lifecycle. Participate in a salmon dissection* for a detailed look at salmon anatomy. Wrap up the day in ALLCO Park with a forest tour to learn the differences between the native species and invasive species found in our ecosystem.

Cost: $230 

Gr 2 & UP

Small Fry Tour – 1 hour 

Learn about the five species of Pacific salmon and their lifecycle through storytelling. Understand the importance of salmon in the Alouette Watershed and learn about the interconnectedness of the salmon forest. Complete the tour with a visit our rainbow trout pond to feed the fish!

Cost: $90 

K & Gr 2

Super Smolt Tour – 1 hour 

Determine the trials and tribulations the five Pacific salmon species face here in the Alouette Watershed, and how the habitat requirements and lifecycles vary between species. Uncover the history of the hatchery operations and how hatcheries help support Pacific salmon. Finish off the tour by participating in a salmon dissection* for an up close anatomy lesson.

Cost: $90 

Gr 2 & UP


*Dissection pending availability


Please email for future booking enquiries.


ARMS field trips take place at ALLCO Park. 

The hatchery has been running since 1979 and is operated by BC Corrections Officers and supervised inmate crews.  Please check out “A River of Change” – Youtube video to learn more about the amazing work done by BC Corrections at the Allco Fish Hatchery.

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