Alouette Sockeye Project Receives $16,028 for 2017!

All this information ties in with other studies being conducted on the South Alouette including a long-running project operated by the Katzie First Nation and LGL Limited which traps outmigrating kokanee smolts from the Alouette dam during a spring release of water from April to June each year.  The returning adults are a percentage of the earlier runs out of the Alouette system from these spring releases.

The Alouette Adult Sockeye Enumeration Project is continuing to monitor sockeye returns to a system where once this species was thought to be extirpated.  In 2007, as a result of an earlier water release over the Alouette dam, ARMS and Katzie First Nation, were delighted by the return of sockeye to the Allco fish fence after an absence of almost 80 years.

ARMS continues to work with many other stakeholders including Katize First Nation, Fisheries and Oceans, Ministry of Environment, LGL Limited, BC Hydro and others in the Alouette River Sockeye Reanadromization Project to see the restoration of sockeye salmon and other salmonid species to the Upper Alouette Watershed via some form of fish passage on or around the Alouette dam.

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