Summer Eco-Camp 2022 Camper Package

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We are so excited for our Summer Eco-Camps to get underway very shortly!

For all of our campers joining us, there are some forms we need you to fill out. Please find them below. To fill out, please download, complete, and email to

Please fill out a form for each child attending the camp. If your child is attending multiple camps, you only need to fill out the forms once; we will use the same form for each camp they attend.


2022 ARMS Camp Welcome Package V2. July


You can also find our 2022 Communicable Diseases Plan here. These will be our guidelines for handling colds, flus, and other diseases that can be spread in groups. You can also find current British Columbia Communicable Diseases Manual at: BCCDC Communicable Disease Control Manual.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Marissa at


See you soon!