Matthew Adams

By October 13, 2019bio

Matthew has lived in Maple Ridge for approximately 28 years having grown up in and around the Alouette River and its surrounding hills and mountains swimming, fishing and exploring.  Matthew has a tremendous love for nature having changed careers in his early 30’s to pursue a career in environmental work.  Matthew has varied experience which includes working as a Park Interpreter in Golden Ears Park, as a Fisheries Observer for the Pacific Salmon Commission, as an assistant Fish Culturist with DFO and an environmental consultant with ECL Envirowest Consultants Inc.

Matthew is currently employed with a municipality as an Environmental and Engineering Services Coordinator where he works closely with landowners, regulatory agencies, environmental groups and municipal staff addressing issues surrounding fish, wildlife and species at risk.

Matthew has volunteered with many organizations including working with exotic species at risk at the MountainView Breeding and Conservation Centre, bird surveys with the Stanley Park Ecology Society and a host of other organizations and projects.  He currently sits on the South Coast Conservation Program Steering Committee.  Matthew has always been interested in the Alouette River Management Society and is pleased to serve as a member of the board.

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