Daniel has lived in Maple Ridge for most of his life, since 1994.  Daniel has always lived close to the Alouette River and has years of experience walking, observing, fishing and even floating on the river.  Daniel has a BSc. (Honors) in Biochemistry, medical concentration, and will soon defend his Masters degree in Environmental Toxicology where he observed the effects of sea lice pesticides used in the Atlantic salmon farms on BC’s coast on a flatfish species. Over the course of his post-secondary education Daniel developed a passion for conservation, with a focus on Pacific salmonids, and his education has given him to tools to employ a scientific approach to assessing impacts to salmonids from human activity, from the level of a whole population or ecosystem all the way down to the effects at a physiological and biochemical level.  Daniel has been volunteering in and observing non-profit conservation work since the second year of his undergraduate degree and now wants to employ both his education and experience to use an evidence based approach to restoration, community outreach and education, and political advocacy for the Alouette system in his new role as director.

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