Alouette Reservoir Projects

Due to impacts associated with damming, nutrient levels in Alouette Lake are low. The Alouette Reservoir Fertilization Project regularly provides supplemental nutrients to the lake to restore the reservoir to its historical productivity. The fertilization project is reviewed on a 5-year basis to confirm that the project is continuing to meet its productivity objectives. As long as the project continues to be successful in maintaining aquatic productivity, BC Hydro will continue to support fertilization of the lake.

Alouette Reservoir Project
November 13, 2020

Jack Emberly – Along the Fraser Series

Jack Emberly is a Maple Ridge writer, award winning journalist, and educator (M.Educ. UBC) who has who taught throughout B.C. For the last 7 years he wrote a social/environmental column…
ProjectsAlouette Reservoir Project
July 5, 2012

Steelhead Recovery Plan

The primary objective of the recovery plan is to stabilize and restore wild steelhead stocks and habitats to healthy self-sustaining levels. A secondary objective is to maintain and restore angling…
Bell Corr Net Pens ProgramsAlouette Reservoir Project
July 4, 2012

Bell Corr Net Pens and Fertilization

The elimination of sockeye and other salmon from the upper watershed has altered the flow of marine-derived nutrients in Alouette lake. These energy flows are naturally obtained from decaying salmon…
This is a monumental, historic, event for the Alouette Watershed as there has not been sockeye in this watershed for over 80 years when the Alouette Dam was constructed blocking their passage to the lake and upper watershed to spawn. Alouette Reservoir Project
September 28, 2007

First Sockeye Return to Alouette Watershed 2007

Group watching sockeye being tagged Photo by LGL Limited The Alouette River Management Society and its partners were excited to announce a sockeye returned to the South Alouette River after…
coho smolt ProjectsAlouette Reservoir Project
September 28, 2005

Reintroduction of Sockeye to Alouette Watershed

It has long been a vision of the Alouette River Management Society, local municipal governments, professional biologists and Katzie First Nation to see the return of sockeye and other salmon…