Streamkeeping Activities in Maple Ridge

Eager to get involved with streamkeeping activities and watershed monitoring in Maple Ridge? There are several options available that ARMS can provide support and equipment for. Certain activities are seasonal and are in conjunction with salmon runs, while others can be done year-round.  A few of the stream activities require individuals to be Certified Streamkeepers, however having this designation is not necessary in a group setting so long as one group member is a Certified Streamkeeper. The Streamkeeper course through the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation (PSkF), is offered 1-2 times per year in the Maple Ridge area on an in-demand basis, email for information on the next scheduled workshop.

Salmon Surveying*
October – December
During seasonal Chum, Pink, and Coho salmon runs, ARMS volunteers collect critical data that is forwarded on to the Federal Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) and becomes an invaluable part of ARMS records. Join one of our small groups and head to a prominent Alouette Watershed creek once per week. Put on waders, step into the water, and get a first-hand look at the end of the salmon cycle. Training provided.

Juvenile Fish Trapping*
March – June
While fry are swimming about in our local watersheds, ARMS volunteer groups are busy setting juvenile fish traps in salmon-bearing Alouette creeks and streams to help determine the size and strength of BC salmon species. This activity offers an up close and personal experience with the beginning of the salmon cycle.

Water-Quality Testing*
Year Round
Curious about the health of a neighbourhood creek? Gather information by conducting water-quality testing.  This important data helps ARMS in future project development by notifying ARMS of any newly significant changes in creek health. Training provided.

Litter & Debris Cleanups*
Year Round
Garbage has no place in natural habitats. If you notice litter or debris in a creek or stream, you can remove contamination within reason: the creek/stream is safely accessible and is on public property. Ensure that proper precautions are taken if handling hazardous materials, such as dead animals or needles. The Maple Ridge Adopt-A-Block Program can provide proper cleanup equipment (gloves, bags, buckets, garbage grabbers, and medical waste containers). Report pollution or any illegal dumping to the City of Maple Ridge or the Maple Ridge Adopt-A-Block Program (604 – 463 – 9699).

Innergex Channel Monitoring*
Year Round
ARMS staff venture out 1-2 times per month and collect data from this sensitive area. The Innergex Channels are side channels along the South Alouette River. Evaluative work here includes photo point monitoring, vegetation surveying and water quality testing (measuring oxygen levels, pH levels, temperature and turbidity of water). This is an excellent opportunity for hands on experience.

Invasive Species Removal & Native Species Planting*
Year Round
Many natural habitats in Maple Ridge are overrun with invasive species, including knotweed, Himalayan blackberry, lamium, and ivy. ARMS organizes several invasive species removal activities during the year.

*It is important to connect with your local watershed monitoring group (ARMS) before conducting any streamkeeping or invasive species removal activities. Ensuring municipal permission, an understanding of public-private property borders, and being up to date with any ecological or industrial projects in development, are a few examples of items that must be addressed.